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Business Consultation

We offer a broad range of consultancy services 


With a broad background of business activities, ebonium can provide a range of professional consultancy services to suit your business needs. These include reviews and audits of

  • Load volumetric fill 

  • Route planning and networks

  • Reverse logistics

  • Lean logistics

  • UK & European Freight outsourcing and cost reduction

  • Transit packaging

  • Recycling

  • Cost effective Distribution and Transport

  • Hands on effective reviews 

ebonium can also provide interim management to assist in your process change.
Contact ebonium for more information.

Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

E-commerce support and development

website help and development

With our knowledge of:

  • Magento 1 and 2

  • Shopify

  • Evolution X and Fusion data 

We can support you in creating and operating your website along with valuable expertise in fulfilment and delivery to your customers.  Having created our website we understand what customers need and can offer a wide range of support daily or long term ​

Meetup with interior designer

All assignments are confidential and ebonium know how difficult it is to find knowledgeable, relevant service providers.  If you want to improve margins, reduce costs and surpass your customers’ service expectations, then contact ebonium.

project management

Project management by its definition is the discipline of planning, organising and managing resources to bring the successful completion of an objective or goal.  By their very nature, this is a temporary endeavour with a defined beginning and end.  Frequently, businesses want to implement change but do not have the resources or skills to manage this.  ebonium can provide logistical and planning support on a variety of projects including:

  • Tendering for distribution, freight forwarding or warehouse management systems

  • Specification development

  • Office installation

  • Out-sourcing load planning volumetric using Maxload pro solutions along with Logix route planning optimisation

Projects can be from one day to one year.  ebonium can organise work around your demand and requirements with friendly, conscientious, knowledgeable staff.

Contact us for more information.

Some of our projects

At ebonium, we have worked with a number of organisations to manage change or solve issues. Allowing the Management team to focus on specific areas. For more information on how ebonium can assist you contact us 


Next introduced an order by 10pm Next Day delivery service, ebonium worked on the planning and integration

HBS Services

After working on Fifa World Cup Broadcast logistics, ebonium sub-contracted work

Ebonium consultancy with DHL and selfridges


WMS Red Prarie issues, ebonium were called in to improve pick rates and on courier implementation


ebonium were contracted via DHL to provide e-commerce management and systems advice

ebonium consultancy for UK e-commerce with Boss Design

Boss Design

ebonium were asked to review packaging and e-commerce solutions for growth for Boss Design

DHL Supply Chain

Contracted by DHL on a variety of projects. Key issue on Furniture 2 Man delivery & warehouse handling


Ebonium assisted DHL in control tower planning for vehicle management


ebonium were contracted to review e-commerce delivery and same delivery from store solutions

British Airways / DHL

After winning major BA contract, DHL contracted ebonium for data analysis and consumption/ food planning.

B & Q

Ebonium contacted to review pick rates and product handling for RDC 

Bisley Europe 

Review European product damage and packaging along with recommendations


Transport and delivery recruitment for New RDC in Kent and distibution planning

Epsilon Pharmaservices

ebonium provided route and capacity planning for time-sensitive vehicle movements

Iceland Food

ebonium contacted via DHL for vehicle planning and warehouse pick issues in London & Swindon 

Spicers   DHL

ebonium were contracted to advise and reduce damage rates on 2 man delivery

Bisley UK

E-commerce integration and development after purchase of BisleyDirect website

Nisa Local

Improved pick rates and vehicle loading issues at Northern NDC

About ebonium 

ebonium is an independent consultancy and project management support company with a difference.  Using consultancy and project management is a serious decision for your business.  At ebonium, our work is an extension of your business and it should also be enjoyable and rewarding.

ebonium approaches each assignment discreetly and works with your team to develop and provide the right solution.  With a wealth of expertise in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, and supply chain, design/optimization assistance is just a call away.

ebonium does not provide a team of suits to review your business but approachable, honest, practical expert advice to allow your business to change.  It’s what we do.

ebonium’s website could be full of business statistics, six sigma, and project management solutions.  However, ebonium’s philosophy is to provide clear, easily used-solutions that can be implemented.

Stand out and make a difference.

Contact us for more information.

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